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Industrial Supplies Gold Coast

Boat building supplies gold coast

Automotive/Motor Vehicle Supplies

Our preferred supplier is Concept Paints.  Concept Paints is an Australian family owned Company based in Sydney.  It is their mission to be recognised as an innovative paint manufacturer, committed to providing products of the highest quality which meet and delight the needs of their customers.  Concept specialises in the manufacturer of automotive, industrial and ancillary paint products.  They are committed to upholding their moral obligation and responsibility by further reducing the impact on the environment through products and services.


Consumables & Accessories

We stock quality products that are well recognised in the automotive, marine and industrial industries.  We stock a full range of abrasives and consumables as well as safety wear and tools for your particular trade.   No matter what your looking for we are sure to have what your require to get the job done.  If you don't see the product on our shelf then don't hesitate to ask as we are more than happy to source the product for you.

Industrial Supplies

Over the years Concept Paints has gained an enviable reputation as a quality supplier of commercial paints. Not only are they successful in servicing the Automotive Refinish industry, but the success as a company can also be attributed to the diverse range of industrial and commercial products they produce for the Australian market place.
As part of their unique industrial coatings range, manufactured around quality and efficient pricing structures, they aim to offer you the consumer, a wide range of benefits which goes beyond just pricing e.g. long lasting, easy to use and apply products, supported by a comprehensive and accurate colour database library.

Marine Supplies

Our preferred supplier is Trojan Fibreglass, an Australian owned and operated company with many years experience in providing high quality products for the Marine, Aerial and Industrial industries.  Trojan Fibreglass has built a reputation as a quality supplier of all your fibreglass, resin, epoxy, finish coats and gelcoats, just to name a few.  Trojan Fibreglass is fast becoming leaders in the industry due to commitment to the customer and their quality products.   
Our marine coatings preferred supplier is PPG Sigma Coatings who are world leaders in marine coatings.  They have developed fit-for-purpose products that protects customers' assets in some of the world's most demanding sea conditions and environments.  Their experience enables them to anticipate and meet the challenges of the global marine coatings industries.  Their aim is to deliver the most effective solution by working closing with their customers to gain a greater understanding of their specific needs.